EPIC is known for creating America’s first Ice Adventure Park and producing CHILL – Southern California’s premier holiday attraction. They are also the mastermind behind some of the largest haunted attractions in the country, including Dark Horizon in Orlando and Dark Harbor at the Legendary Queen Mary in Long Beach, California. Working as a multifaceted live production team, EPIC operated Nerf Challenge at LA Live, NightGarden, Miami’s newest holiday light phenomenon, and is currently managing daily operations for the world-renowned Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden, one of the top-rated gardens in the country according to USA Today.

Founders Steve Sheldon and Charity Hill launched EPIC Entertainment Group in 2016. The company has been instrumental in leading the way for live event production, themed entertainment, location-based attractions, and brand activations. This team of fine-tuned experience architects execute every facet of development, production, operation, and integration with flawless precision for events of every scope and scale.


Steve Sheldon
Managing Partner & Co-founder

Steve Sheldon is an award-winning event and entertainment producer and is the co-founder and managing…

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Charity Hill
Managing Partner & Co-founder

Charity is an award-winning creative producer, experience architect and dream weaver of immersive attractions and…

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Continuous Improvement

Make it Better Than it Was Before

At EPIC, we understand in an ever-changing entertainment industry, complacency is not an option. We work towards continuous improvement and innovation. Our team regularly assesses client needs and feedback, analyzes industry trends, and incorporates new ideas and technologies to enhance our client and guest experiences. We embrace a culture of constant evolution to ensure that EPIC stays ahead of the curve and delivers the best possible results to our clients.


Adaptability and Open-Mindedness

Be Coachable and Open-Minded

We value adaptability and open-mindedness at EPIC. We encourage our team to be coachable and open to new ideas, feedback, and suggestions. We pride ourselves on being able to pivot and adjust to meet the needs of our clients. Our ability to adapt quickly helps us stay relevant and deliver innovative solutions to our partners.



Do What You Say You Are Going To Do

We believe in doing what we say we are going to do. Whether it’s providing accurate information, delivering products and services on time, or addressing concerns – we take ownership of our responsibilities. By being reliable and accountable, we build strong relationships with our clients and partners, fostering long-term loyalty and trust.


Strategic Focus

Focus on What’s Important, Not Urgent

We believe in focusing on what’s important, not just what’s urgent. In a world full of distractions and competing priorities, we recognize the need for strategic thinking and decision-making. By aligning our efforts with our core business values, we optimize our resources and ensure we are making progress towards our vision.


Nurture Growth

Cultivate The Things You Want To Grow

At EPIC we understand that developing strong relationships with our clients, developing the skills of our employees, and building a reputable brand require deliberate effort. We proactively invest in cultivating these aspects by providing personalized experiences through our events, and upholding ethical practices that strengthen our brand’s reputation. By nurturing what we want to grow, we continue to create a foundation for sustainable success and continuous improvement.


Work-Life Balance

Work Hard, Play Harder

EPIC thrives on productivity and enjoyment. Our team knows the value of working smart and achieving goals with efficiency and determination. BUT, we also know that rejuvenation and enjoyment are vital to keep us going. That’s why we encourage a balanced and fulfilled life fueled with creativity and dedication. So…while we work hard, we also play hard, and we never forget to celebrate our achievements!


Celebration and Recognition

Celebrate Success Wildly

At EPIC we like to celebrate success! Who doesn’t like an excuse for a good time? We believe in acknowledging and appreciating achievements, milestones, and successes to maintain a positive and motivated work environment. We inspire a sense of pride and encourage everyone to strive for excellence. We work hard, and have a kick-ass time doing it!